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Food Delivery Insurance – What You Need to Know

With the explosion of the ‘gig economy’ in recent years, more and more people are finding themselves effectively self-employed and on their own when it comes to things like paying tax and making sure they have the correct insurance.
Companies like Deliveroo mean that almost anyone can become a takeaway delivery driver, whether you use a car, a moped or a bicycle.Whatever your delivery chariot of choice, it’s important to make sure you have the correct insurance cover in place.

whether you’re delivering pizza, Chinese, curry or anything else our guide will help you to stay legal.

Delivery driver – car

If you are planning on using your own car to deliver fast food then you must notify your current insurer, as it will now fall under the ‘business use’ category. Failure to do this could lead to your policy being void and any claim you attempt to make being instantly rejected – which could spell trouble if you are dependent on your delivery driver income.

A car insurance policy for takeaway and fast food delivery drivers can be quite different to traditional car insurance policies. The very nature of the job means that the cover needs to be more tailored, for example, most of the driving is done at night and generally on urban or inner city roads.

Delivery drivers also tend to be under a bit of pressure to be quick, which could lead to taking more risks on the road. All of which means that you may have to look at more specialist insurance companies to make sure you get the right cover.

As always, the first place to start is by comparing car insurance prices to find the right deal for you.

Delivery driver – motorbike or moped

Just like with cars, if you are planning on using your current moped or motorcycle then you need to notify your insurer to update your level of cover. Being a food delivery driver means your circumstances have changed significantly – you will likely be riding a lot more, probably mostly at night and while in a rush.

Your bike insurer will need to know that you will now be riding your bike for business purposes so you need to notify them asap. Once you’ve done this it is likely that your premium costs will increase as a result, which means you should research more specialist insurers for a better deal.


Delivery driver – bicycle

There are many specialist providers of cycle insurance out there, but if you are looking for cover as a delivery rider then you will likely need a cycling liability policy.

The more standard cycle insurance is designed to cover your bike if it is lost, damaged or stolen – which is all well and good and probably much needed if you are using it to ride about delivering food all night.

However, such policies will not cover you if you cause any third party damage while using your bike. If you are worried about the potential of causing damage to other vehicles, to third party property or even to other people while riding about, then you should look into bicycle liability cover.

The good news is that, unlike car and motorbike delivery drivers, those delivering food on a bicycle are not required by law to have insurance so getting cover is your choice, but we highly recommend doing so.